.308 round for Bolt action

Just a thought, but is it possible to add another ammunition type for the Bolt action rifle? Instead of using the Assault Rifle ammo, why not introduce the .308 for the bolt action. This way you can keep the damage on the bullets, instead of the weapon.

personally i would say 223, which is the civ version of 5.56

common hunting rifles are 308, if the bolt does more damage it would make more sense to have it 308

an AR shooting one 556 isnt going to do more damage than a bolt action shooting one 556

to be fair, its all semantics.

i think “pistol ammo” “shotgun ammo” and “rifle ammo” covers all the bases pretty well in terms of gameplay, with the ak using the same ammo as the bolty, and the thompson using lower caliber “pistol” rounds; the difference between guns firing the same type of ammo should be in the weapons accuracy and rate of fire, not the damage per shot. ie “pistol” rounds dealing the least damage per single shot, “rifle” dealing the most and “shotgun” shells scattering multiple projectiles with massive dropoff on damage at range.

that said, i have no issue with adding other types of ammo/weapons/etc.

well it could shoot 762x39 and share with the AK and have the ar shoot its 556?

30/06 is a much much more common hunting round. The 5.56 aka .223 caliber isn’t even legal to shoot deer with in many states, it’s not powerful enough to ensure a quick kill. However it all depends upon how “realistic” do you want the game? And on that front I agree with the adage; “Don’t let realism get in the way of fun!”

But I do agree with the OP, I think we should have a hunting round for the bolt action.

a 223 is plenty to take a deer.

If you make the bolt fire different ammo than the AR, then you have both guns and 2 set of ammo making you use more slots.

If you really want to dig into it the AR looks more like an AK, and about 99% of AK’s aren’t chambered in 556

But anyways, I think there should be different ammo. Make people make a choice before they leave the house on which gun to bring or both

thing is, where does it end?

do we need different caliber ammo for each pistol type? for each shotgun type? do we want to have 8 or more types of ammo in the game just so the bolty has it’s own type. i think it’s excessive, personally.

It should stop at Rifle/Assult Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun, unless they add some new gun (plzzz Garry Rocket launcher!!!)

It sounds like Garry scraped the idea in his lastest dev post which is unfortunate, but adding different type into mags such as hollow point or armor piercing rounds. I think that would be cool

Ok, but don’t expect to get away without a fine if you bring your .223 to Colorado to deer hunt. If you ARE hunting whitetail or mulies with a .223 your an idiot. If you simply must shoot a deer with a 22 caliber rifle, do yourself and the deer a favor and use at least a .22/250 or better yet a 220 swift.

it was my first hunt and i just sold my 308 to be replaced with a tikka t3 in 300wm, with quality expanding bullets its not a problem with good shot placement

Rare to see other people that hunt these, cool to see them out there. I’ve been hunting for turkeys and small game for a long time, but got my first whitetail with a bow last year.

This is something we have debated internally.

The consensus is that we like having the real names for weapons and bullets. But we think that in games like Stalker, where you had to find ammo matching the guns, as cool as the ideas was it turned into a total nightmare and became offputting.

But at the same time games like Half-Life had different ammo for the python, pistol and shotgun - so anything in moderation.

You could just call it a 7.62 instead of a 5.56 round and satisfy everyone- the .308 round from a rifle and the ak round both use a 7.62 caliber round with small differences. But keep them the same!

not a bad idea.
small rifle
large rifle?