314th Gundlar Grenadiers, Traitors of the Imperial Throne

-Snipped- Until further notice.


the gun looks cardboard-ish.

I don’t really see how.

Wait, so are there normal Imperial Guard out there(besides the DoW2 ones)?

These are cool BTW.

There are, but they are, so far, unreleased.

Bloo has a hold of those.

yup here you go http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=97582


I forgot to ask if there are any other types of guard units like Death Korps and Catachan. Also any Commissars out there?

Not to my knowledge.

You should read my post again a few times until you see where you went wrong.


why do these guys look way different from the ones in garrysmod.org?

was this a different model?

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oh and for some reason there are more skins for him but they are all checkerd

Different models.

The checkered skingroups are there because I can’t bother removing the ability to change the skins, maybe I’ll put something there in the future.

ohh ok thanks for answering! nice models btw is there the origional models anywhere?

They weren’t released. You can ask bloocobalt for them, but don’t hold your breath.

oh ok thanks! wish me luck!

This company will do nicely. Too bad no one would be able to make the Mordian Iron Guards but thanks for the Grenadiers though

They don’t really look like heretics, which is good , because the lack of personality will make them easier to use for different purposes. Good job on the modelling and such.

Can’t say I like the skull on the belt though :expressionless:

The skull is sadly part of the model, so I had to decide with leaving it as it is (as seen on the Kasrkin/Heavy) or just do something with it for the fun of it.

I could ramble up a back story for them if anyone so wishes, as I have one laying around that I could flesh out.


Is there a reason why you have a duplicate of the soldier and helmet model inside another folder?
They seem to both be the same except the duplicates in the “fallout/guardsman” folder can’t read from the materials folders.


Weirdly enough the equipment skin for the belt KIND of works. Just seems to be missing the normals.
Just seemed a bit odd.