.357 to eject shells in Gmod

Okay, before I get misunderstood questions, here are two pics comparing the shell ejection properties of the .357 in Half Life 2 and Garry’s Mod:

In Half Life 2, shells eject and fall to the floor then disappear:

In Garry’s MOD, no shells eject and fall to the floor then disappear:

Please have it have the same properties as it does in Half Life 2, nothing else.

Thanks again.

I found this tutorial here: http://www.fpsbanana.com/tuts/9866

It’s for CS:S, so I’m not sure if it will help. I checked the .357’s v_model today, but I couldn’t find anything relating to the shell eject properties it has. Plus the .qc file has the properties of the weapon, but I can’t seem to find it.

Would a .357 v_model skin or a LUA file work? I would like to know what could be done.

The shells are small mdls of their own, spawned when the 357 reloads. That bit is done in the weapon’s source code. I’m fairly sure the main difference between the Gmod and the hl2 revolver is that one is using the multiplayer code, and the other is using the singleplayer code.

@Nimhster: That tutorial is adding the shell eject to the viewmodel, but not spawning it in the world. The shells you see come out of the gun and the shells you see falling on the floor are two different things.

I know that the shells have .mdls of their own when they hit the ground, and that the .357 v_model uses its own and doesn’t land on the ground. Would it be possible to switch the single-player and multi-player codes around for it to work? Maybe a client-side LUA to work for this?

reply to tutorial part: Okay, I wasn’t sure if it did it to where it would land on the floor. Thanks for the explanation. :v:

It’s an animation event.

$sequence reload "Reload" fps 30 activity ACT_VM_RELOAD 1 node Ready {
 { event AE_CL_PLAYSOUND 28 "Weapon_357.OpenLoader" }
 { event AE_CL_PLAYSOUND 39 "Weapon_357.RemoveLoader" }
 { event 3015 55 } 
 { event AE_CL_PLAYSOUND 67 "Weapon_357.ReplaceLoader" }
 { event AE_CL_PLAYSOUND 92 "Weapon_357.Spin" }

{ event 3015 55 }

ejects the shells

Alright cool. What do I need to do to get this to work? Do I need to add that line for the .qc?

(Sorry if I’m asking for too much)


Alright, my problem now is where can I find the .qc file? I’m in Source SDK’s Model Viewer Application and I don’t know how I’m able to open .qc file from there. (Or how to enter the code in the animation event.) This is the first time for me to edit a line in a .qc file, so I don’t know much of what to do.

Sorry for the bump.

I’ve been using Cannonfodder’s .MDL decompiler to decompile the HL2 version of the v_model .357. When I searched for the Garry’s MOD version of the v_model .357, I couldn’t find the .mdl.

I’ve opened the .qc file of the HL2 .357, and I found the animation event that ejects the shells. { event 3015 55 } I need to know where to find the Gmod v_357.MDL since I can’t find it even when browsing through the GCFs. (Yes, I have GCFscape.) It could have just been purposely left without one.

If anyone else knows how to do this, please let me know, or try finding it out yourself.

GMod uses the HL2’s .357 model from the HL2 GCF I believe.
Also are you sure your graphics are turned up? Your revolver model looks hidious? Maybe thats why because I always believed it dumped the shells?

My graphics are up-to-date and the model doesn’t look too bad. Garry’s MOD lowered the texture settings on all weapons by default. From what Jaanus has been telling me, I have to insert the animation event to make it work for the Gmod .357, but I just can’t seem to find the v_model of the Gmod .357 in the models folder. I need to know how to do this and where to find the v_model, but so far, I haven’t got a clue what to do next. The only thing I do know is to add the animation event and that’s it.

Please reply and if anyone can, point out the v_model of the Gmod .357, or suggest another method to make this work.