360 Degrees Camera Turn?

So im making a swep that allows you to do flips, I have finished the thirdperson view flip for the playermodel, but how do I make it so that the camera spins around 360 degrees?

function SWEP:SecondThink()

local ply = self.Owner
local FT = FrameTime()

local ang1 = ply:GetNWFloat("ang1")
local ang2 = ply:GetNWFloat("ang2")

if self.Owner:KeyDown(IN_ATTACK) then
ply:SetNWFloat("ang1", Lerp(FT*4, ang1, 1) )
ply:SetNWFloat("ang2", Lerp(FT*4, ang1, 1) )
ply:SetNWFloat("ang1", Lerp(FT*200, ang1, 0) )
ply:SetNWFloat("ang2", Lerp(FT*200, ang2, 0) )

I need to add that somewhere in there


What kind of swep makes you do a flip?
Shouldn’t this be set on a command?

Once it is finished it will be a command.

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Is it possible to do this using only a shared file?