360 SpinScoper


4MLGz0nly ( plsdon’t d0wnl04d if ur a sCruBl0rd!!1!! 2hot2handel5u)

I was told to post this so I did.

Space + M2 = 360 Spinshot MLG FaZe

It’s a clientside addon so lua_openscript_cl autorun/client/SpinShAwt.lua

After you load it, two convars:

SpinShAwt (Which enables/disables it 'cause it’s fucking annoying removing hooks)
SpinShAwtSpeed (Changes your rate of MLG)

I was bored and watched CSPSpy’s (LEETNOOB) how2roleplay video (where he 360 spinshotted somebody) and I was like “wow shit i want to be cool like him and know how2darkrp” so I made this so everybody can RP the right way (no more having to manually 360 spinscope, what are you a caveman who can’t XxXxXx69xX420x360xMLGxFaZ3XxXxXx[420th] yolo skillz)

I have not went to a DarkRP server

Works with any weapon so you can do 360 crowbars or whatever the fuck you want.

Workshop link (I really wanted to see what the comments would be like.): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=161528129

If you want to keep your dignity intact then: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13397008/SpinShAwtmon360%2007.17.13.zip

If you can’t work it from what I’ve said here then you deserve to go to the workshop link

most likely you don’t even want to work it (I wouldn’t either)

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nice hardscope u scrub

This is the ultimate gmod addon. we literally can’t do better than this

Thank you for this addon, i’ve never been more MLG in my life.
i reck scrubs all the time with this

I can finally play GMod. I’ve been having to play COD for years because no other game was that MLG. Thank you.

Not enough lens flares :frowning:

How am I expected to 420 noscope no weed smokers if I cant flare my lenses?

I would have expected nothing less than this from you.

I had two lens flares in my pic :frowning:

Needs more dubstep. Also hire ZimoNitrome to make a trailer for this.

Oh man, I feel honored simply because you decided to make a 360 noscope script just because I uploaded that stupid griefing video. ;_;
My son, you now know the secrets of how 2 roleplay properly. I congratulate you.

This addon changed my life and gameplay style. Thanks!