.38 Special [Ed]


Ahahaha, brilliant.

Lol, what?

That’s terrible.


I made a realistic sequel, but I feel like a terrible person for making it as it contains no wit. Should I post?

Eh, too proud of the muzzle flash and smoke not to post. Click to see the terrible rest of the image:


Making it darker made me feel better because the gore is more implied than shown :v:


At first I was like wtf because I couldn’t see half of the pic. Then I saw the wheelchair guy.
Rated funny.

I loled. Good posing on the special unit guy.

I lol’d hard, Great job.

lmao, this is something that i usually get in my head XD

I was actually making a presentation in my class when this thought occurred. It was hard to get rid of the grin.

oh wow, I’m giggling now