3D Artists/Generalists in 'The Industry' Question

Hey fellow 3d Artists/Generalists,

Just a quick question regarding how you got into you respective industry? Games/Film/VFX etc

What type of projects you’ve worked on, how you learned your skillset (Paid a ludicrous amount of money to study,Youtube,etc)

My journey was long and frustrating and I was just curious to see if any other stories are the same


I’m the only one here in the industry?

any reason why you ask in the modelling forum? you are a modeller or texture artist too? nice. industry sounds pretty aweful imho tho. it still fun jobs. now i guess most peops here are probably just hobbyists or can’t talk about work. i can’t talk for them. but since nobody repsonds i could say that. i’m more or less too.

how to get into it? just interest. and i had not a choice after highschool but to take further technical education. been always messing with computer graphics anyway. so guess what… i choose a course. programming. how to make those graphics or games.

i got no big projects. doing whatever is up for a day. bunch of blah i mess with. i got basics (not basic) in school/college. the rest is self thought and studying technical documents to get stuff on the screen. depuzzled examples. somewhen xsi popped up doing hl2. tryna model. bad. watched some videos. read wikis. just try things. if it breaks redo it. messing with and up alot of stuff ever since. and i’ve never spend more then just my internet fees for that lil ‘knowledge’ and tools.

also… a possible target it’s not frustrating. dontcha think?!? ofc only works without pressure or pre$$ure.

so… that’s my general blah…

I’m not in the industry but currently I’m studying 3D Animation & VFX at university and so far I’ve learnt quite a lot about how to do well in the industry. So far what I know is that to get far in the job life, graduating with a first is something that will help. An employer will most likely choose someone with a first rather than a 2.1.

Also I’ve learnt that references is the key. Knowing people is the best way to get jobs in the respective industry, and having a sweet portfolio to show your employers can also benefit a lot.

So far for my work experience, I’m hoping to go either work for WarnerBros, Pinewood studios or the BBC in Salford. I hope that turning my passion and hobby into career won’t put me off. :smile: