3d Camera problem.

So when I open up hammer and open up any map then use the camera view this happens.


It goes away after a bit but its real annoying and I’d like to know any fixes.

Open up your task manager and end overlay.exe or gameoverlay.exe or something related to that.

Wait what’s the problem there?

I can’t see anything out of the ordinary. :confused:

The 3d camera view is skewed.

too bad there is no rating icon like “Blind” I wouldn’t mind to use it to rate you.

His 3D camera is kinda oblique view. And yeah it’s game/apps. overlays problem.

Bad Reading

Close gameoverlayui.exe. This bug was fixed but maybe not for you, huh.

Several programs with overlays can cause this, including but not limited to some older versions of FRAPs, Steam CHat overlay, Old Versions of ATi Tray Tools, basically anything that wants to play with the 3d view.

Thanks for the help guys.