3D Car Dealer (200 Variable in Table Error)

Hey guys,

I’ve successfully installed an addon on my server called “3D Car Dealer” created by “Rocket Mania”. My only problem is I have a lot of cars on my server, I would say close to 300 compared to 200. Well when I exceed 199 cars I get an error on my server saying that the local table has over 200 variables in it, and it causes the entire addon to break. No cars show up, massive LUA errors, etc.

The table that the script says to use is

I’m just curious if there is away to create another table within this addon so I can add more cars. It just sucks adding cars to different jobs, because I use the workshop version of the cars and it is a pain in the ass searching for models, that is why I love this addon. But disappointed that I cannot add all of them. If anyone knows if this is possible please let me know. I’m just going to guess that it’s probably not possible without editing some core files in the addon as “TB2.Insert” is already pointing to a bunch of variables, but I could be wrong as I’m not a master coder or anything like that.


I do just want to note, I have indeed tried contacting the author on ScriptFodder, but have not received a response in over two weeks now.

Yes there is a way! Get rid of all 300 vehicles.

Ahaha! Or don’t go over 200 vehicles. Although, to me, I don’t see why anyone needs more than 50 cars on a server.