3D car dealer with scar's

I dont want to void any of the rights to this lua code, so to anyone who is familiar with 3D car dealer I need alittle help. I can get the normal jeep to spawn on my dark rp 2.5 server but im having trouble with adding scar’s. I tried “rp_getvehicles” and got the classes that i need, but they didnt work. i also tried “sent_blahblah…” didnt work. im using scar slim to run scars i know the 3d car dealer said it wont work with scar tuners. i wasn’t sure what that ment. Any who, any help is appreciated. thanks

If this is a purchased script, why not contact the owner? You can copy/paste his license here; do NOT post copyrighted code anywhere.

The one issue is that people may need to see it to make the changes, but without owning a copy you’d breach your terms most likely; contact the author.

ok thanks