[3D!] Chris Redfield Being Stalked

Demoman version

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I’ll admit it’s shit and just a snazzy, yet genius plan to showcase those 3D drivers.

I need to get 3d glasses one day. Everyone seems to have them lying around somewhere…

Cool pose though.

Same here. The pose could use some work, angle and lightning aswell but I understand that’s not the main point of this picture.

You… you mean that’s not supposed to be chromatic aberration? :ohdear:

So what is chromatic aberration? everyone is talking about how awesome it is…


The 3D effect is pretty awesome!

Nice effect!

Chris Redfield:Reggae classics.

Henry Tovnshend where to get a model of Chris Redfield ??.. please tell me!)

get me some 3d glasses.

trippy when i see it through 3d glasses

Nice bump you tard.

How bout you search it up in garrysmod.org first you fool?

Заткни свою пасть дибил!

At the fool who !?.. you’re a fool You gave me a link not on this model! … so shut your mouth

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Excuse me?
You shut your mouth. The link is completely correct you twat. You asked for a model of Chris Redfield, correct?
I gave you a link for a model of Chris Redfield you tit.

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Nope, he asked Henry Townshend for a link to the model in the screenshot, which you didn’t deliver.
Instead you linked the model with the RE5 Chris’ head.