3d hud

How would you going about making a hud that is drawn in 3d in such a way it appears to be projected on a sphere? Would cam.StartOrthoView be of use here?

Do you mean making the HUD a 3D object or make it 2D but presented as if it was 3D?

Yeah, 2d but presented as if it was in 3D.

ever had a look at this ?

Can anyone think of a better way of doing it that doesnt require the use of sine or cos 32 times a frame to draw a box? It drops my FPS by about 20-30.

Make all the calculations on start and just keep drawing those predefined coordinates ?

The problem is that for each box, there is like 30 different smaller boxes making them up, so would I just have to store each of those boxes and draw them individually, or is there a better way to draw the boxes?

EDIT: Or could I combine all the points from each of the boxes into one large poly? If so, how could this be done?

Sorry, double post, damn internet…

You could probably do that, I’ll take a look at it tomorrow its 3 am here right now and I’m a bit tired

Pretty sure someone did it with a 3d model (Placed clientside infront of the player’s view), and then the texture was a rendertexture… Therefor uses the pre-made texture distortion and lets you just draw to a flat plane.

How would you go about doing the rendering? Im new to most of the drawing and rendering tools.

EDIT: I am also going to try pre-calculating all of the value of sine and cos and putting the in a table so all you have to do it Sine[value] and it wont have to calculate it again.

Could someone give me an example of how you would draw a HUD to a render target while still making it transparent?


No it’s not, maybe he has 150 fps, after this he will have 120. Don’t be dumb.

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120 fps is awesome

most servers give 100 fps, c-unit…just…

I don’t ever get 100 FPS on servers, the most I get is like 80. I just think your statement is retarded and un-needed

-_- same to you, im just stating he probably wont get 120 fps cause most servers give 100

You read worse then me, nor do you understand anything.

Ok, lets stop fighting about FPS.
Also, if the hud is causing the FPS to drop that much, with many prop on screen, there goes all performance.

An hud shouldn’t cause that much of a performance drop… after all it’s 2D =S the only way it would lag if there’s inefficient code.