3D Lighting Preview

Am i the only one who’s notice that theres a 3D Lighting Preview for the 3D view?
I tested it and it seem to work with spotlights and stuff.


Been around a long time. Since OB engine update even. Not terribly reliable and doesn’t show light bounces.

I always wondered, dynamic lighting always seems impossible in Source, so why do the light bulbs and lamps in Garry’s Mod have dynamic lighting? Also the flashlight.

IIRC, light bulbs and lamps use env_projectedtexture, I’m not sure about the flashlight though.

You mean dynamic shadows, right?
Dynamic light = Source of light that is movable
Dynamic lights have been around since the “first” source engine. Dynamic shadows weren’t implemented until OB (used for the flashlight). It’s horribly optimized and looks like crap if you use it for anything else than the flashlight, though. Garry’s Mod uses this (an entity called env_projectedtexture).


Damn it, ninjad. And yes, the flashlight is basically an env_projectedtexture.