3d max.Collision model

Sorry for my poor English :slight_smile: Guys i need your help. I want to create a model for the Source. I use 3D max 2014 and plug-in wall worm. This is small video, how everything was doing and what eventually happened https://youtu.be/Omq8F2lbtJE

Not sure at all to do everything correctly. Could somebody show a video lesson on a very simple example of how to create the correct collision model?

Based on looking at the video, it looks like you are doing everything just fine unless you are making a concave collision mesh, which I am going to assume you are.

$collisionmodel "tree_deciduous_01a_physbox.smd"
	$mass 350.0

You need to put $concave in your .qc as well as make multiple convex shapes not just one concave shape. Otherwise, the compiler will just create a convex collision mesh by default.

Thank you! Everything worked