3d max Metro last light .model file error


So I downloaded metro 2033 3d max plugin, when I open a .model file in 3ds max happens this error cited the top.
how I can fix?

Make sure the fire isn’t less than 10 kilobytes, it won’t import because that’s not the actual file.

Look the turtorial of huntingrifle it’s work for me on 3DS Max 2012 and 2014.

How to load the .model file less than 10KB into 3d max (2012)
Does not have way?

I have load the model higer at 10kb and load meshe too it’s work for me.

You simply can’t load files with less than 10 kilobytes, they are listed as .models but contain no 3d information inside them.

You’ll have to go through the files and find what you’re looking that’s not 10 kilobytes or less.