3d model for beta key

Hello. Can u give me a beta key for my 3d model created in 3d studio max? Screenshots:





You won’t get a key for this.

Why should they?

What does a model of a weapon shaped like the AK have anything to do with Rust, or getting a key.

he’s clearly saying “you can use this model, devs”.

But what’s the point, they’d just use their own models. I understand the desire to contribute, but the fact that he’s doing it just to ask for a key kind of sours it.

So what he hasn’t even done it himself? Nice one…
Put some effort into it next time… And if it was that easy I would just upload all of my models which I’ve done so far, and say that I let the devs use the models if they give me a key.


So say what model I can create for this game

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Accuses me of stealing?

Pretty bad model to be honest. Polycount is too high for the small amount of detail in there. The majority of the AK’s body has clearly just been traced and extruded from a 2D image with no effort made to make it appear like less of a cardboard shell.

No, but more like that the dev’s could go search on turbosquid and find 100s of textured and better AK74’s for free.

They have a dev team which includes people who can model, they don’t need or want random, inconsistent models from random, inconsistent people who are just begging for keys.

You want textured?
Click on link http://s22.postimg.org/6rzqz8wzl/ak47_5.jpg I can’t post in forum becouse quality is bad!

No no one wants textured. No one wants a model from you period. Please stop trying, and stop posting.

Bad quality if I post on [img]

go away

then youre doing it wrong

I think it’s not a bad idea. If he would actually make a world + view model set that would be the best way to brag for a key ever seen on this forum. But tbh such a model can’t be used in the game.

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Not sure why everyone is on the hate bandwagon. That guy actually tried.

The problem is that it really is a shitty, low-quality, model, and the guy definitely needs much more practice and work before he should be confident enough in his effort that he could post it here for a key. He’s got a lot of nasty modeling habits, one of them being improper poly distribution, another being his heavy reliance on side-view images which is why the gun is so flat on the top and bottom; both of these make the gun broken and beyond use.

Secondly, the same model, what I think is an AK-47, has been done thousands of times, if not more; and like what’s been posted above, anyone can look up the gun on turbosquid and find hundreds of free, or cheap, alternatives that are infinitely better, with textures, animations, and v_models to boot, already in the proper formats and rigged to work on implementation.

Not to mention Rust already has some great modelers working on the game as it is, and they work solely on the game, so they have no reason to use models that the community makes when they already make vastly superior content. (though that’s not to say there aren’t some fantastic modelers here as well)

It’s a nice attempt I suppose, but the model reeks of someone who is very new to modeling, and I honestly suggest practicing better poly distribution and actually applying detail to the gun on every side before thinking that it’s high enough quality to get a key.

Well I am not saying that he deserves a key. Just a bit less hate on him please.