3d model to Map

can you make a 3d model to a map?

Possibly, but it’s not ideal.

Expect a bunch of non-compilable brushes within your map. Not to mention it will be horribly unoptimized.

What brushes?

I’d figure that it would be converted from model->vmf

But if you were to just use the model as a map, then i’ve never done it before. I assume there would be a couple of collision detection glitches, as well as lighting errors.

thanks guys

.obj->Blender->.map->Crafty->.vmf (Convert from .map to .vmf for better reliability)

Each triangle = new brush.

i hav 3d models from ff7 cc http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/8690/ff7q.jpg

I wouldn’t really suggest turning Cloud into a map… lmao.


i will port Nibelheim to gmod but i need help

Can you export to .obj or another format?

Edit: Derp, yes you can. Do what I said in my first post.

i hav all models from ff7 cc so do you need som models ?


Genesis model http://www.filefront.com/15073625/undefined

You’re the one who wants to port it, not me.



yes i export obj

Now download Blender and import the obj, then export it to .map format. Then download Crafty and load the .map and export to .vmf

thanks Lord Ned

What’s the problem of keeping it as a model? You can just make the collision models out of brushes if you really need to. And lighting might be bit tricky.

Lighting would be crap, uving would be :(, textures would look ugly… Collisions, bullet holes, materials sounds, the list goes on.

Or you can just compile the model for source, and use it as a reference in Hammer. You can build brushes around the model. And you can build them to the scale you want it to be. Doesn’t have to be the same sizes as the model.

I dunno what you would do about the textures, however.