3D Modeller Hiring Request

Please contact me via PM for some small work on Garrysmod. I like Blender modellers a lot, so it’s more incentive to say yes to taking you. You’d be most likely just porting models, then modifying them slightly. I can’t say it’s easy, but it’s not like you’ll be starting with just four vectors and building from there. There’s a good chance it’ll be payed work, but it depends on the quality of work provided. If it’s really something that’s enjoyed, there might be more work available in future.

It’s Sci Fi based.

I’d recommend providing a little more info just to make things easier for both parties. I’m not sure you’re at risk of someone stealing top secret data on what models you want ported for a Garry’s Mod gamemode.

It also doesn’t really matter much but I’m not sure you need to look for Blender modelers in particular. Anybody who can get the job done is all you need. The program doesn’t make the person, the person uses the program they find easiest (or the one they simply learn first).

Get Lt_C and pay him really nicely.

I appreciate the enthusiasm, but not only am I trying to get away from porting and hacking, I’m trying to escape source in general. I rarely take commissions; I only do work on projects that I have a high interest in and are generally for very specific scratch built props that I could port over to other engines.