3D Rectangle on map


I would like drawing a 3d box rectangle in world (gm_construct) to define limit in area

render.DrawBox (Vector(645, -890, -160), angle_zero, Vector(645, -890, -160), Vector(1113, 784, 56), Color (255, 255, 255, 255))

But it’s doesn’t work and i have no error returned :confused:

I need help i’m not a pro coder in lua, ty

Doesn’t this need cam.start3D2D?

it’s doesn’t work :frowning:

Post your code

That above IS his code.

I think he means post the whole code - as you said - if that’s it, it won’t work.

render.DrawBox requires a 3D rendering context. Where are you running that code?

Edit:I didn’t see that he is banned.