3D Ripper DX not ripping glass?

Alright so I’m trying to rip something from Duke Nukem Forever but it doesn’t seem to get the glass models at all.Is there an option or something allows me to import the glass? A Black Ops thread a while ago had a post stating that there was but I don’t see anything

What it said

Not sure what you mean by glass. But probably it’s one of the ignore meshes part. Since it might see the glass as just a 2d plane.

Well glass as in car windows and stuff but yeah that makes sense

It’s been a while since I’ve used it, but I believe the option you need to uncheck is “Ignore ZWRITEENABLE=false meshes (usually skybox)” option. This one, at least, is needed to be turned off in order to import semi-transparent meshes like hair and beards and whatnot for L4D, so try unchecking that.