3D Ripper DX Problem

Whenever I try to use 3D Ripper DX on Burnout Paradise (Steam Version), it launches the game completely fine as usually, but the “Ready to Capture” button doesn’t appear at all.
I tried to find an answer to this problem, but I couldn’t seem to find a good answer to this problem. I am using Windows 7 64-bit and 3D Ripper DX 1.8.2 in this case.

My guess is, 3d ripper DX doesn’t support that game for ripping. Just like it can’t be used to rip from the prototype of Jazz Jackrabbit 3D

I don’t think thats the problem. Burnout Paradise is a DirectX 9 Game, so it is possible to rip from it.

in that case, maybe Steam is what’s getting in the way. I know that’s what prevents the program from working with Sonic 4 episode 2 final version.

Steam prevents 3D Ripper DX from working with quite a few games, really. The only way I’ve seen people get around that is by getting the games through unmentionable means and then using 3D Ripper DX on them (which seems to work about a good 80% of the time).

I wouldn’t normally suggest it, but you could try the unmentionable means and seeing if that works for you.

Uh…Unmentionable means? Oh wait. I know what that is. I remember trying the unmentionable means before, but I don’t think I want to resort doing that again.

it might work but i dont know how steam would play out with it but you could do a similar thing by launching origin through steam to get non steam bf3 so maybe launch steam through ninja ripper and it might work?

Sorry, I don’t have BF3 with that. So thats not going to work.

it didnt have anything to do with bf3 it was just an example

Oh right, but still I don’t have Burnout Paradise in Origin nor Retail. So that still isn’t going to work.

Then you might have to go through with the unmentionable means to rip anything from the game.

So I guess there is no other way… Darn. I guess I find out myself.

can you really not understand i mean try launching steam through ninja ripper

I guess I thought ninja ripper was something else. My bad. I will try it and see if it works.