3d Ripper DX problems

Okay I’m running windows 7 RC 64 bit. When I run any game with 3d ripper (Mass Effect, call of duty 4) I press F12, then it just freezes. I go see if it saved my frame, the .3dr file is there but not the .obj model. (I have the save as .obj file option ticked) Please help me!

Yea 64-bit is Direct X 10 so we can’t use 3D Ripper DX as it only supports Direct X 9 (if you read the release notes).

That sucks, I’ve tried compatibilty mode does not work. But I saw on their site they will add 64 bit vista compatibility. I just have to wait…

Are they thats good, I knew there was a Russian Direct X 10 Version but I didn’t know they were putting compatability into Ripper DX :smiley:

Tried release canidate, saved the .obj file first time, but now won’t? Is there another program that can do this, and works with 64 bit?

I am wondering the same thing. Have there been any other programs that work with DirectX 10/11?


I have a problem with dxripper to, not the same but if somebody can help me.
Whan i rip a model and open it in maya, the model seems to be inverted and i have lot of hole on the weapon.

Somebody know what need to be done to correct the model?


nobody can help me?

Had the same problem with BattleField Heroes and AVP. I think the best way would be to force DX9 rendering on the game. Im not sure how though.

Try flipping normals on the holes.
as to cod 4 - use the mod tools and exporter instead.

Do you know if possible to do that with maya or i need another software to flip normals in the holes?
I dont find any menu which purpose to flip mesh in maya.
Does somebody can explain me the way to do that, i need to fix this problem which block me on my work.
Sorry for my english, i try to do the best i can :frowning:

Should help

I have tried to use that when i have google my issue, but i dont succeed with this tips :frowning:

I have still the issue with 3dx rip :frowning:

In maya i disable two sided lighting option so i can see the hole in the model and select flipped normals.
Then i use Polygon -> edit -> reverse, the flipped normal have an orange color in maya but the model is not fixed when i export the it to the game.

Please help me, i need to fix some rip i done

I have figured out how to fix mw2 rip with flipped normals.
Does somebody have a good tips for mw2 color texture? all the mw2 texture seems to be white when i convert them into dds.

I have Windows 7 64bit and it works well with most games.

windows 7, is it you?

Hey, I have been having issues too. Im using windows 7 and have been trying to use 3d ripper DX. It says “ready to capture” in the top corner, yet when I press F12- nothing. Ive tried it a few times and it doesnt save anything, any suggestions? Im trying to use it on AvP (the recent game) and I open the DirectX 9 version of the game.