3D Ripper Not Applying Textures

Hello, FP. I’m new to 3D Ripper and I was just wondering if anyone knows why I rip Unreal Tournament Scenes and they come out as pink, purple and green textures. It’s as if the texture coordinates aren’t set up right and it wants me to manually apply them to the scene.

I was just wondering if anyone knows an easier way to setting the materials to the objects without having to manually look through the texture folder and finding them. I’ve managed to keep each scene’s textures separate from one another but one scene still holds hundreds of textures that require a lot of searching and testing to get the proper look that I need. I need a way of setting them up without doing it manually. Is there an easier way? Thank you.

Use UModel instead for UT models. Though you will still get the textures like that, you have to separate the channels in some way to fix them.

Silver Spirit to the rescue! Alright, thank you, I’ll try this Unreal Model viewer. By the way, does it make finding the correct textures easier? I mainly need the maps, not the characters.


Wait a minute, I could be wrong but it doesn’t look like it supports 64 bit opperating systems.

Humm maps may be more tricky as i’m not sure if you can access them with UModel (its mainly for .upk files).

What UT game are you exporting from? As I know you can export maps as .obj from the UT2004 editor (as I did it accidently when trying to export character models), though i’m not sure about the ease of getting textures to apply.

Also I have a tool for extracting just the textures from UT2004 files but i’m not gonna try and hunt that out if its not the game your after :stuck_out_tongue:

It does supoort 64 bit or at least it works on it, as I use it with 64 bit Vista.