3D rules ?

Hello and good evening all

Perhaps because I’ve mal ne ask can help with a
and that I seek here

I have found it already on a couple of others servers I myself think it is unfortunately not
Building on my own server


Thank you very much

Sry for my bad english i come form germany :wink:

I… I don’t understand the problem.


Anyone here speak German?

He wants to know how to make 3d rules.

That would be fun.

But I don’t think the owner is going to be giving it out :confused:

Unless someone else made it? (Not likely me thinks)

I could ask Overv if he has it lying around somewhere.
When I get home from school.

really you do that thx ^ ^ I have indeed a piece of code, but because it lacks the
sharde.lua I just need to regulate the rest I do not really care ^ ^