3D Skybox Fail


Anyone got any ideas?

Did you scale it right?


I followed tutorials. =\

I suggest you put some helpers around your map and the sky_camera in the origin of the map, then scale the helpers and that origin down to 1/16th and move them wherever you want to have your downscaled skybox at.
Now you can work on the 3D skybox and have it at the right position using the helpers as… help.

With terrain it is often best to use a copy of your base displacements as your “Helpers”, Select all your displacements and sky_camera, shit+drag them to oneside, rescale them, texture them a funny texture so you know which ones to remove, make more displacements around them and sew them up and make it neat, then remove your original displacements and sky_camera entity at the origin.

I did this.

I moved my sky camera up. Now I get.