3D Skybox fog not working on my citadel...

Ok so here I am devving the map that started out as a District 9 Slum map, and then I mixed it with the City 8 aspect to form another part of that up-coming pack.

However, im about 60-70% done, and I ran into this issue. Study the pic below -

Note the huge citadel is part of the 3D skybox. The row of apartments and buildings BEHIND the Combine wall at the far end, are also part of the 3D skybox. However, the skybox fog is NOT applying for the citadel, but works fine for everything else in there.

My citadel is using custom Hi-res textures but I was not aware that could make a difference. It is an animated prop_dynamic, and I have tried it as a prop_dynamic_override too but neither make a difference.

Also to the left you will see the scaled down version of the citadel that is showing, when it shouldnt be (the 3dskybox map area is in that area, beyond). I have no idea why it is being drawn there aswell.

Any help? The fog-not-working-on-the-citadel is the main issue.

I think that’s normal.
in Tc_hydro, if you go above the radar dish CP, you’ll see that the laser is actually behind all the buildings or whatever.Not sure how to fix.
Nice map btw

It’s because the texture .vmt is set to ignore fog. Edit it so it can receive fog?

Well, I’ve got a few suggestions:

  1. Check for leaks, load the pointfile from the menu bar. It’s under “map.”
  2. If you have nodrawed the skybox exterior, get rid of the nodraw texture on the outside of the skybox.
  3. Replace the citadel with a citadel model called:
  4. If the twin skyboxes still appear, move the skybox to an area which makes it hard to witness the citadel.

By the way, excellent map! The only cons I have for it is the map errors, and the sky texture.

It’s designed to be like that. The idea is that you add smoke particles around the base of it to give the appearance that it rises out of the abyss and extends to an unknown height.