3d Skybox Help

Heyo. I’m doing my map. And, I have started the 3d Skybox (Some textures are not sized correctly. Ignore them). The main focus is lighting the bloody thing. My skybox is pitch black. I have lit it up with some in game lights to show you how I’d like it to look. I’ve also attached images of what it looks like with out the lights.


That is it with lights lighting it up.

But here is what it actually looks like.

move the light_enviroment entity into the 3d skybox, but if theres no performance issues with the way you have lit it in the 1st load of pictures you could leave it like that

I can’t leave it like the fist pictures, as those were lights spawned in ingame.

place a light_enviroment entity in your 3d skybox make sure piitch is around -85 to -90

Should the fog controller also go in there?

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Still dark, even with the light_env in the skybox

I’ve tried many things, and addressed the wiki. Still nothing?

you might have to add some light entities to the sky box if the light_enviroment settings are to dark, and if you higher them it makes the over all level to light

increase the Lightmapscale in the 3d skybox maybe

Make sure you don’t have two of these though, never have more than one anywhere in your map or lighting will probably have a seizure and break even more

I’m using the models from the map De_Vertigo. And nothing seems to be working.

if the models in the 3d skybox are prop_static add an info_lighting entity to the main level where its brighter and set the prop_static’s lighting origin to the info_lighting entity if there prop_dynmaic use an info_target and do the same