3D Skybox not working

DAMN!!! ive tried and tried to do this BUT IT’S JUST NOT WORKING! It just pisses me off!

Lemme tell you what is happening. Ok, i have the 3D sky_camera like so:
It’s perfectly centered…

Ok well in-game it shows up like this:

Here’s the video to show whats happening
Please ignore the colored lines

It’s not showing the objects in the skybox either

Do you have more than one sky_camera?
Is the sky_camera in the 3d skybox, centered relative to (0,0,0) in the full-scale map?

try moving your “3d_skybox” above your main map, it should not show your main map in the skybox.

Yea, Im pretty sure i don’t have another sky_camera. And how do you set the 0,0,0 thing to scale the map?

And how do i fix that leak?

Also, How do you see if you have a extra sky_camera

You have to seal the 3D skybox from the void too. Stick another nodraw and tools/toolsskybox around the 3D skybox as well.

You might have a leak. It’s hard to tell because your video quality sucks so bad, but it looks like the regular 2D skybox isn’t properly drawing over the old geometry from the last frame, so you’re getting that “smear” effect when you look out the sides of the map. This happens sometimes when your map leaks.

And while I’m at it, not sure I’m a fan of your brushwork, so make sure that there’s no intersecting world brushes, and texture the sides of your func_water_analog with nodraw so it doesn’t crap out your FPS.

edit: ninja’d!

I’m pretty sure there’s no leaks… But, What does this mean?
No such variable “$hdrbasetexture” for material “skybox/sky_day03_06rt”
Can’t load skybox file skybox/sky_day03_06 to build the default cubemap!

Stop compiling with VVIS disabled.

Isnt that a faster way to check for leaks? Cause it takes forever to compile this map with normal settings.

Learn to optimize your map for quicker VVIS compile times.

Make sure the sky_camera is in the 3D skybox and not the map.

Ok. Just got it working. But, when i moved the skybox (Not the map) it totally fucked it self over… :\ I don’t think it has ‘anything’ what so ever about leaks or the centering of the map itself. I got it working, Once, but i cant get it working again. Please help me. I really want to get this map done and over with.

No, It’s a leak for sure, that only happens when a leak occurs, load your point files and find em.

I did, but to no travail. I really can’t seem to get this right. It takes forever to compile, and it doesn’t have a lin/point file to load from. So… I can’t check for leaks.

Obviously my previous post wasn’t direct enough.

This happens because the sky_camera can “see” the main part of the map. That’s because the vis leaf it’s in can see one or more of the vis leaves of the playable area.
This is because you are compiling with VVIS disabled.

Well actually it wasn’t leaks. I fixed it since Metallics is the god at hammer. And he knew what my problem was right off the bat… Again, THANKS SO MUCH MATALLICS! You have been a HUGE help since i joined this forum.

Oh and the problem was: When i scaled it to 16,16,16 it was overlapping the map. I moved it further out so it wasn’t doing that and it worked, the first try.