3D Skybox Template (REQ)

I am so bad at 3D skyboxes, they never seem to work and it usually ends with me getting pissed off and alt-f4ing hammer,

Could someone post a template, of just a 3D skybox (Fair size) by itself so I can make a map around it? I’ve watched tutorials and shit but I still fuck it up.

any help is appreciated.

Okay, here is a quick tutorial on how to do it.

First things first.

Stuff you need to know.

-3D camera represents origin of your world (0,0) (where the 2 blue lines intersect) If you move your map farther away from the camera, then it gets farther in 3D skybox.
-3D skybox position DOES NOT MATTER
-the default scale is 1/16 of whatever you make, therefore, everything in 3D skybox has to be 1/16 if that is the value.

Now the tutorial.

We want to stick roofs on here by using a 3D skybox.

We place our skycamera at 0,0 in the world for refrence.

Next we select the reference geometry in which to build our 3D skybox on.

Copy it over and down scale to whatever your 3D skybox settings were.

Finally, we build on top of the reference geometry, delete the reference geometry and cover with a skybox.

Tada! you are done. Hope this helped.

If you’re asking people to make a 3D skybox for you then you’re probably not cut out for mapping…

Very useful, thank you for putting some time into helping a noob.

Don’t feel too bad. Hammer is such a messed up too I’m STILL learning it. :V