3D Skyboxes - How do I make it so the map has a backround that alligns with the map?

What I’m trying to do is making the lava seem endless by using a 3D skybox, but that has not been working out too well. I don’t know if i’m doing it wrong or what…

This is what the map looks like now in game:


The 3D skybox box thing is scaled 62.5%|0.0625|1/16th of the actual map, which is below. The green circle with the red square in the middle is a sky_camera. And Is not in the dead center, it used to but that didn’t work.

The settings for the sky_camera:
Pitch/Yaw/Roll is 0,0,0
3D skybox scale is 16
No fog

Any help would be appreciated.

The only way to make it seem endless is with some fog. If you don’t have fog, you’ll always see the edge because the lava doesn’t have any curvature, like the Earth does.

What street said, but also, your lava texture repeats a lot, increase the size of the texture or get a new, less tiling one.

Make your 3d skybox scale something really small, and scale your texture to that too.