3d test, now working!

The 3d mode is red/cyan, you need to put on red/cyan 3d glasses to watch this in 3d; Watch in HD

I think it’s focused too far.

it semi works …you need something to like…come at you though to use the 3d effect

at the moment it looks sort of 3d but if you have say …a man pointing at you or a bullet slo motioning its way towards you it would say “hey look im 3d” so much better

did that make any sense at all o0

Doesn’t seem 3D to me. Only the start.

In the beginning of the video and in the end.

In the central part you can’t see the 3d because I zoomed with the catmul.

What was up with the fips?



FPS, but said as a word. [FIP-SSSSSSSS]