3D view window turns white when I add water

Title basically says it all. Window goes completely white (unless I move the camera around a bit, at which point I can see certain stuff, but almost everything else is totally white) when I add a water texture in hammer.

I had that same problem when using some custom refract glass textures. The only way around it was adding the brushes to a custom Visgroup and turning them off until compile time.

Huh, odd. Wonder what causes it.

Also, I’ve managed to find a few water textures that don’t cause it. I’ll search through them in hope that one of them is good.

Thanks for the info anyhow :slight_smile:

No problem. I had a problem with it again with a recent map project, so I deleted the brushes, saved it, reopened it and reapplied the textures and magically it was fine. So, I have no clue other than Hammer is just finicky. Good luck man.