3d Voicechat being transmitted across the map

I recently set up a TTT server with a huge roleplaying map and enabled the local voicechat feature (ttt_locational_voice 1). It mostly works fine. However, there is a spot where you can hear the voicechat which is going on somewhere else on the map. Any hints on where to look?

It sounds like a glitch with the map, not the voice chat.

The area where the voicechat can be heard is around the map origin x 0, y 0. Could that be of any importance? Is there anywhere we can get code from to look into how this basicly works?

Funfact: [del]Bug only occurs if the sender is a Traitor.[/del]
In unmodded TTT it occurs no matter what the roles are. I gave the local voicechat an absolute Range of 3000, which should kinda fix the issue, it still is weird however and I’d love to find a solution which solves the problem at core. It has something to do with the volume multiplicator doing a wrong calculation. Anyone know what basic algorithm is behind it?