3D2D Nameplates - size problems?

I am trying to make a 3D2D nameplate over some NPC’s. It works, but I have some visual problems:

Here is my result:

It looks like his name is “Dod” and it looks awful!
The actual aim (and the string I used) is “Bob”
I have been on servers that have used 3D2D nameplates with even smaller text. And they don’t have this resolution problem.
I don’t know what causes it.
Here is my code: (for showing the nameplate):

surface.CreateFont("NameplateFont", {
	font = "Verdana", 
	size = 10, 
	weight = 500, 
	blursize = 0, 
	scanlines = 0, 
	antialias = false, 
	underline = false, 
	italic = false, 
	strikeout = false, 
	symbol = false, 
	rotary = false, 
	shadow = false, 
	additive = false, 
	outline = false, 

hook.Add("PostDrawTranslucentRenderables", "NPCNamePlate", function()

	for _,v in ipairs(ents.GetAll()) do

		if v:GetClass() == "npc_base" then

			local string = "bob"
			--local wide = string.len(string)*7.5
			local ang = Angle(0, (LocalPlayer():GetPos() - v:GetPos()):Angle()["yaw"], (LocalPlayer():GetPos() - v:GetPos()):Angle()["pitch"]) + Angle(0, 90, 90)

			cam.Start3D2D(v:GetPos()+Vector(0,0,80), ang, 1)
			draw.SimpleTextOutlined(string, "NameplateFont", 0, 0, Color(255, 255, 255, 255), TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER, 0.5, Color(0,0,0,255))



Any help is appreciated

cam.Start3D2D’s 3rd argument will define the scale at which it draws. The value 1 results in what you have in the screenshot. Your best option would be to reduce the scale to 0.15 or less, and increase the font’s size value to upwards of 80. However, this means the font can’t be used in the HUD or in derma because it will look huge.

Ah, great! Thanks a lot :smiley: