3D2D Player Map

3D2D player map entity I made for fun that uses Google Maps. Geolocates players using their IP. Do what you like with it - credit would be nice. If there are bugs, post in the thread and I’ll fix them if I have time or somebody else will probably help.


Download: https://github.com/adamdburton/playermap/archive/master.zip

But now kids can go “I know where you live!” easier. :v:

You didn’t remove that test part from the serverside autorun file,rendering useless the string explode you do to get the ip address of the player. :v:
local address = string.Explode(":", ply:IPAddress())[1]
address = “ipsnip”;

Hah, thanks.

Looks awesome, but im getting this lua error when I spawn it, Any ideas?

[@entities\3d_playermap\cl_init.lua:14] bad argument #1 to 'SetHTML' (string expected, got no value)

Need heatmap D:

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and zooming

The playermap.txt file in the data folder wasn’t found. Try move it from the addons/3d+player+map/data/ folder to your data/ folder

wow what a breathtaking depiction of new zealand’s landmass

wow what a useless post

Updated to work for 13. See OP for download.