3D2D Scale + Surface.GetTextSize

Alright, so I’ve spent forever trying to do the following -

I have a string I am drawing inside a 3D2D, which is scaled to 0.1.

I need to get the text width of that string, but the font is scaled to 128. With this 128 font scale and 0.1 3D2D scale, it makes it so the font looks normal on the 3D2D panel, without being jagged. However, when using surface.GetTextSize on this string, using the correct font I made, the width comes out with some completely radical number.

I’ve spent forever trying to get the math down to scale that output down to the correct one with the 3D2D scale. Has anyone else conquered this problem before that could share the answer? I really need GetTextSize on this panel. :argh:

GetTextSize returns the size of the text as it would be in a size 1 panel. However, the font may not be supported up to size 128 and might cap out at 50 or something, heck if I know. You should see what is the maximum font size you can get with the font, and if that works, then GetTextSize will return the number as it would be on a 1 size panel, so if you wanted world size I suppose you could divide by 10.

TL;DR- Find the max font size, 128 may be too big, then it will return correctly.

Disclaimer- All of this may be false.