3d2d Text without RotateAroundAxis at door

Hello :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m making a 3d2d door system for darkrp but my question is, is there a way to draw on both sides with just one draw.DrawText and without RotateAroundAxis?
Because when i use draw.RoundedBox its on both sides and idk why xD

3d2d only displays in 1 direction, for it to display in both directions, you would need two 3d2d calls. You will also need to do some math because these 3d2d calls wont be at the same position as a door has thickness to it.

i know use that atm but when i use draw.RoundedBox its on both sides when i draw it on one side… xD

roundedbox will do that, not entirely sure why.

thats why i thought maybe there is a way for the text ^^ i guess because its just a box and not text…
so it has the same ‘texture’ and the text would have to rotate around

but thx :stuck_out_tongue: