3d2dVGui wrapper in singleplayer?

Im currently working on an entity using the 3d2dvgui wrapper, and I have a server I could do it on, but itd be very complicated to implement it in right now, and for some reason I cant seem to get the 3d2dvgui wrapper to work in singleplayer, is this even possible? And if so what exactly would I do?

Ive downloaded the example as a test and I cant get it to work still
ive tried

lua_openscript_cl 3d2dvgui.lua

and then

lua_openscript_cl sample.lua

as singleplayer you’re both, the client and the server, so some code might not run well/not at all.

Can you tell me exactly how I could launch the sample gui once I have both the 3d2d wrapper and the script itself on the server?