3ds 2012 Bone Editing I need HELP! for gmod 13

Hey everybody ive been trying to import some gmod 12 ragdolls and turn them into gmod 13 player models, every single time ive gotten to the same step I can’t rig the model to follow the skeleton, like I can’t get the model rigged correctly to the skeleton. If this doesn’t make a ton of sense I mean by making the skeleton of the gmod 13 player model work with the skeleton of the gmod 12 ragdoll i don’t know how to make the mesh work with the skeleton. Sorry if this is hard to read ive been working on figuring this out for about 5 hours and it’s 3:40 A.M. if anybody can help I will GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!

the skeletons are exactly the same

I mean the model i want to rig to work with the player models isn’t a source skeleton its a weird rigged one how would i attach the mesh to the skeleton to a normal source skeleton

Skin modifier