3ds MAX 10 (2010) SMD exporter doesnt work

i got a serious problem , i cant start a any custom rig for animate objects that any time the wunderboy exporter exports corrupted rigs with wrong placed bones…

any solution , animate with milkshape it so fucking repressing , HEEEEEEEEEEEelllllllllp

even the triangulation with another program could be reasonable

The issue I had with Wunderboy’s SMD exporter in 2010 was that I couldn’t choose to export as reference or sequence (the little window wouldn’t appear and it would just export right away), so it would only let me export as a sequence SMD, making it impossible for me to compile any models.

Other than that I heard that Wunderboy’s exporter simply has issues with 2010. Your best bet would be to install 2009 and use that instead. People tell me that 2010 is hardly any better than 2009 anyway.

Alternatively you could just wait until Wunderboy fixes the plugin.