3DS Max 2009 View Model Stretching - Bones not working?

This may be a very common problem, I tried googling although I do not know what to call this problem. What’s happening is the finger bones of the hand rig I’m using are animating extremely weird and so as a result, some stretching occurs. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads through the post and attempts to help me.

It’s my first time making a view model and my first time using 3DS Max, so the methods I’m using to animate may be completely wrong. I usually use Blender 3D, but I noticed the .smd importer didn’t support animated sequences, and it’d be nice to see already sequenced models to reference from.
I’m using one of the hand rigs from here:

more specifically this one:

Please tell me if there’s something wrong with these. I did what he said and made sure to unhide everything before exporting. I’m using the exporter found here:

I’m animating the Fiveseven from CS:S. I’ve only completed the reload animation and I used the same .max file for the reference smd export under the $model parameter in the .qc file – Is this problematic? Should I use a separate .max file for the reference export? I assume it’d be quite the same.

I’m animating using the sphere gizmo helpers included in the hand rig, not the bones - I can’t move the bones for some reason but the spherical thingies seem to work pretty well =D. I also didn’t add bones to the gun, just animated the different parts by themselves, the exporter produces bones for these automatically right?

Here’s the .qc file I’m working with:

$modelname "weapons\v_pist_fiveseven.mdl"
$model "studio" "reference.smd"
$cdmaterials "models\weapons\V_models\pist_fiveseven\"
$cdmaterials "models\weapons\v_models\hands\"
$hboxset "default"
$surfaceprop "default"
$sequence idle "reference" ACT_VM_IDLE 1 fps 16.00
$sequence reload "FiveSeven_Reload" ACT_VM_RELOAD 1 fps 30.00 {
  { event 5004 0 "Weapon_FiveSeven.Slideback" }
  { event 5004 15 "Weapon_FiveSeven.Clipout" }
  { event 5004 41 "Weapon_FiveSeven.Clipin" }
  { event 5004 75 "Weapon_FiveSeven.Sliderelease" }
$illumposition 4.979 2.344 -9.149

Yes, the .smd files included are in the same directory as the .qc file and I know that the sound events are off. It’s just temporary.

Anyways here’s a preview of the working animatinoz in 3DS Max: - Please don’t say stuff like “Oh, that’s not how you reload a gun,” I really could not care less.

And here’s a preview of the messed up one when I view it with HLMV:

So! Any suggestions on how to fix this?

The exporter does not add bones by itself. The only thing source animates is the bones, and it’s up to you to rig the mesh correctly to all the bones so that it will look right.


Thus, when exporting animations, the only thing exported is the motion of bones.

Oh yes, I realize that sequence .smds only have moving bones and nothing else. By add bones, I meant that I didn’t assign bones to the different parts of the gun (clip, slide, trigger, main body) I just animated the different meshes, if you know what I’m getting at.
Does that mean it’s the reference that’s causing the problem? Cause the meshes seem to appear fine, just the animation screws up and goes all over the place like in the second video. After reading through the instructions on the hand rig I’m using, I noticed he said to also try converting splines to editable mesh. No idea how to do this. For some reason, I can’t select the actual hands/arms model in 3DS Max. Anyone know how to do this spline converting thing?

also thanks for your reply cloud

The animation looks cool and badass.

Haha thanks. I’ll release it when/if I get this thing to work.

For now, I’m going to try exporting to Blender then using Blender to export the .smd files.
This is possible right? It will still preserve the animatinoz?


Tried exporting from Max to the .3ds file format. I then imported that into blender. Blender doesn’t keep the bones rigged though, it imports them as meshes :S
I also tried importing the .smd from Max into Blender, but i get an error cause the importer doesn’t do animations.
Right now I’m redoing the animation using a different hand rig, one that seems much simpler. Maybe I’ll succeed this time.


Alright, so I decided to try animating using a different rig. It wasn’t that hard since I had already finished the animation just in another .max file. Here’s the rig I used:
It actually worked. I still had to unhide everything before compiling, though that’s not at all a problem.
I’m happy now.
I’ll post up here when I’ve finished the other animations as well.