3DS MAX 2010 MODELS look like polys !HELP!

****I think I have tried litterally everything. I tried using smoothing groups, turbo smooth, I have tried editing the mesh. I tried everyone’s suggestions and nothing and I mean NOTHING has worked. I can’t film with the models looking like this. I don’t know what else to do, I just want someone to tell me how to fix this, I’m friggin screwed out of making movies until I get this figured out.


With 3DR Format the models are perfectly fine, it’s just with GMOD ragdolls that they look like polygons.


Shepherd and Price in 3DR.

Select all the verts and weld them with a small threshold. I almost guarantee that’ll fix your problem.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ADA;LSDLDALDHA SLHND;AKNL DJKA YOU HELPED ME, YESS, THANK YOU! Just one question though. Under the weld options, what do i set pixels to?


My next question involves how to accurately apply the appropriate textures to my models. Notice the texture on the arms is messed up. How do I apply textures without selecting individual polys?

Minimum, 0,01 is usually fine.


And if the model is unwrapped, the texture should apply to all unwrapped polygons according to their uv positions. It’s usually all one big sheet that you can’t apply separately.

I don’t know if the model is unwrapped or not. I have multiple textures. How do I unwrap the model and how do I get the textures to only apply to their specific spots and not wrap over the whole model?

You select the faces you want to apply the texture to and then you load that texture in to the material editor and drag it on to any one of the faces you selected. That should do it. That’s how I do it at least.

If you can apply at least one texture to the model properly, then it’s obviously unwrapped and everything. Applying the UVW Unwrap modifier will let you look at the UV map and such. You can also use texporter (assuming you have that plugin installed) to export the UV map to an image format. If you use Texporter on the model and you get an accurate UV map then it’s unwrapped. Your model seems to be unwrapped anyway so I don’t think that’s an issue.

Alright thanks a lot for the help on that. My next question involves bones. My main goal is to make movies and for the most realistic look on my characters I need to have everything on my characters to be able to be animated. How do I rig?

There are dozens of tutorials that can be found my google. If you want to use the HL2 skeleton, you’ll need to decompile any existing human ragdoll. To export the.mdl’s from the sourcemodels.gcf in your steamapps you’ll need GCFScape and Cannonfodder’s decompiler to get them into .smd’s. Then you’ll need Wunderboy’s .smd importer plugin.

If you are filming then I would recommend you NOT use the HL2 skeleton. Building from scratch should allow you to create it just the way you need it for your film. You can dedicate a skeleton for each specific model so they actually seem different from each other.

Alright, im using models with skeletons already made for rhem. i now need to add more bones to it. how do i create and attach new bones? thanks for the help.

Is this all you do? Can’t you figure things out for yourself like the rest of us? Continually asking questions wont help you at all. Learn the basics, then move on to more complicated things. What are you doing messing around with character models and rigging when you don’t even know how to create and attach new bones? If you take the time and go through each function in 3ds max and test them, it will help you a lot more than asking questions on what to do next ever will.

Yes, I do ask a great deal of questions on here. The truth is, it has helped me a lot. Probably more than any other site that I’ve used. The questions that I have been asking do fall under the category of “basic.” Whatever you consider “basic” I’m obviously not interested in learning. I have tried other measures in learning 3DS, I have experimented and I have visted other websites. I don’t see what the problem is, it’s not personally hurting you to see multiple help forums up.

Anyways, my next question: How do I facepose? There are no bones decompiled that I can use for the face? Where did they go and how do I facepose?

And that is why we hate you.

You put your own bones in. Or use a more complex tool like RVKs (or whatever 3DS Max calls them), but given your attitude towards learning, I doubt you’ll figure out how to use them.

lo. Jeese Gman, you’re the least encouraging person in this section, you are helpful sometimes though. Anyways, can someone be more specific on what Gman is talking about, what is the tool called?

this is why you learn the basics, you fucking tool.

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Listen, Spankwire, if you don’t know anything about 3DS don’t post in this thread. You’re not being the slightest bit helpful in any way. You’re trolling.

Also, why am I not able to decompile any L4D models? I make sure to change the letter or number to a coma and it still doesn’t work, my decompiler just crashes.

Kurit, there’s a reason they’re called “basics”. They’re the things you absolutely need to know in order to do the more advanced things.

And stop calling us trolls. We are, in fact, trying to help you. You’ll note that I didn’t post in here until there was a question I could answer. We are actually nice people, it’s just that you are the single most infuriating person I have ever met.

And to answer your decompile question, I think this should be good enough for you.

I’m not interested in “Basics” right now. I’m not calling you a troll and I suggest you stop saying “us” like you have a team going. I was talking about Spankwire. Anyways, the website you took me to would be helpful but the amount of steps and other things just doesn’t sound worth it for an animation test to post in the video section. Thanks for the help. How about adding bones to my model, I know how to create them, I just need ot know how to attach the bone to the model’s mesh.

i know a lot more about animation than you do, buddy. If you cant be assed to learn the basics of the program, you cant be expected to do anything worthwhile. I suggest you get off your high horse and learn the program before starting more complex things.