3ds Max 2012 - how do I disable this weighting shit?

Well, to start I’ll go with; Whenever I use 3ds Max and add the skin modifier, after selecting my bones it seems to auto assign random verts and weigh them to 1. Whenever I try disabling them or w/e, they’re always stuck that way.

I usually start off by assign all weights to the pelvis bone, that way it’s obvious if there are any rigging errors later on (Vertex not moving with bone).

If you scroll down a bit on the Skin modifier, there should be a little wrench icon. If you click that you’ll be able to set the weight of the vertices to a selected bone.

And then do this.

What I’m saying is - random patches of vertices are weighted to bones and I cannot undo them.

Is it because they’re weighted to nothing else but that bone?

I don’t even know what you’re trying to tell me.

don’t know if this is correct but perhaps those random patches are caused by accidentally selecting the vertices through back facing(not sure about the term though). there’s an option to disable it.
I agree on what samm5506 said cause it can help check some weight placement errors.

also, have you tried selecting the vertices and a bone then put “1” on the Abs.effect in weight properties?

if you already tried to fix the weights and nothing seem to happen. try to save your work, close 3dsmax, then open it again,.

If they’re stuck to the weightning. Try exporting the model and reimporting it. I sometimes get frozen vertices as well.

what you should do is make a new bone on the side of your model, add it to the bones list, and then select the entire models vertex’s and then assign them (or press 1 in the weight options ) to that bone, once you did just delete the bone you just added, and then you can fully rig the model yourself

Figured out an easier way;

Uncheck normalize when selecting a bone with the skin modifier.

That’s literally it. :v: