3DS Max 2012 - Need help!!

Hello, Facepunch!
Been a while since I made a thread. Anyway, I’m trying to get a GTA IV Model (M_Y_gjam_lo_01) in Garry’s Mod, and I’ve got the model into 3DS Max, but all the body groups are mushed together. D: Like this:
http://imgur.com/Yxm7y (Not gonna actually put the image in the thread, its too big :v: )
If I find out what to do, or if someone tells me what to do, I’ll probably do a few more gang members (Jamaicans, Mafia, etc.) and release them :smiley:
Does anyone know what I should do?

Thanks!! :downs:

**Note: This is my first time using 3ds Max, so I’m sorry if I missed something obvious


Also, how do I create the Collision models? Because I’m now trying to do a simpler model (Playboy X) with no bodygroups. I don’t have the problem that I had above, I just need to create collision models, then export it to gmod (I suppose). Can anyone help me on that as well? :slight_smile: Thank you!

Well, I’ve never used body groups, so I can’t help you with that. All I could suggest is deleting the ones you don’t want, if possible.

As far as collision models go, there’s a tutorial here:

It’s basically a matter of cutting away joints, leaving just main sections of the mesh there, and then applying those sections to the exact same bone structure and exporting it as a collision model.