3ds max 2012 - Scaling

I havent had this problem before, and I dont know how to fix it and I would like some smart answers to why this happend, the problem lies within the compiling my model, I have this plant in 3ds max 2012 that Im compiling to Gmod, if you check out this album

You can see that the model in 3ds max is big I know but its more “flat” than when its in Gmod, I dont know why the compiling resizes my model and stretches it more on the z-axel. As a note, im using the tool for 3ds max called Worm tool for model compiling and such, im looking for answers like if I should add bones to it or nodes, and if im using the scaling tool in 3ds max wrong.

Thanks for your patient and for reading this.

Understanding how and why this happens, along with solutions: My Model Scale is Wrong.