3DS Max 2013 WallWorm SMD exporter - unexpected flipped faces?

I’m trying to export some character models from 3DS max 2013 (DrawKill’s FNAF Animatronics from DA) with the WallWorm SMD exporter (Which has been really useful!)

The first 3 characters I exported turned out fine:


Then the faces on the fourth are all flipped:


If I render or cull backfaces in 3ds max, it all looks fine. If I export with the faces flipped the wrong way, they flip again the right way, but Source lights the model as if it is still flipped wrong.

The QCs are really basic:

$scale 0.08
$modelname “drawkill/drawkillbonnie.mdl”
$body DrawkillModel “drawkillbonnie”
$cdmaterials “models/drawkill”
$surfaceprop “metal”
$contents “solid”

$sequence “ragdoll” “ragdoll.smd” {
fps 10

I haven’t found this issue anywhere else so far (I tried the Steam game art discussion also), any ideas?

Any chance the Xform of the root mesh needs reset?

If you can’t figure it out post more info on WW forums and I or another worm will help figure it out.

Thanks heaps! I looked through the WW forums at all the Xform, scale and rotation things. Resetting the XForm as you suggested did the trick. Then flipping all the faces and re-doing the skin. Now everything is the right way around and all the normals are facing outwards!