3ds Max "2014" SMD Import/Export

Well, I’ve had this problem before but with an old version (didn’t ever come up on facepunch)

I search 3Ds Max 2014 SMD Importer or Exporter, with or without quotes, and I do find them for versions 2009-2012
3ds max dli returns the same thing, old importers/exporters for the 2009-2012 versions

I tried those, none of them worked. I tried the ones linked to by the Valve Developer Wiki, the ones from wunderboy and the only thing I could find from cannon fodder.

I could revert to an old version, sure, but I don’t know that I’d want to do that.

Could someone please help by letting me know:

A: Does 3Ds Max **2014 **even work well for this?
B: Where I can find these plugins for 3Ds Max 2014
C: Do these plugins even exist for 3Ds Max 2014?

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I’d really prefer not to have a need for the 2012 version! Sure, I can get it, but I want to be up-to-date on this one

If you have a student account with Autodesk, get the 2012 x32 bit version. It’s the one I use.

But it would be nice if all plugins were updated for 3DSMax 2014, or even a Maya 2014 version.

Yes I do have a school account but youre saying they dont currently exist for 2014?

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i can still work on one and compile with the other right?

WallWorm should work, it’s fantastic too

Well… that sounds like a virus, if I’ve ever known one! :pwn:

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Sounds like it would work, but I personally never liked using programs to quickly make my models

Yeah, WallWorm should work fine for 2014, the devs do a good job of keeping it up to date.

The tool doesn’t actually do anything to speed up making the bulk of the model by the way, it only helps to compile it and get it working ingame. Don’t know why you’d have an aversion to anything that makes life easier.

Fair enough if you prefer the “analogue” method, but at the moment it’s either that, use an old 3DSMax, or do without getting stuff ingame at all.
The good old fashioned .smd plugins will probably come out eventually

wallworm is a script and plugin set for 3dsmax to deal with source modelling and mapping.

I’m not the only guy left still using 2009, right? God, I don’t want to be “that guy”.

WallWorm works! It’s what I’ve been using for 2013 and 2014.

don’t worry, I still use 3DS Max 9

Have they done anything with DMX? I’d start using them again today if I knew I could get some baked wrinklemaps and whatnot.

i use 9

Well, if it helps any of you out… if you go to school (college might be the only way to get this) and you have a .edu email you can get any version for free! You just have to sign up with your school email.

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[sp]Post 99, alright… I’m done leveling up in Super Mario![/sp]

I still use 3DS Max 9 because I am more used to it. My old PC couldn’t handle 2010 or 2011 when I downloaded it

Okay, then! If I may advise, it would be great to learn the new ones; technology never stops going forward, so eventually we all have to adapt, remember the time before cell phones existed?

Actually, you don’t need to be going to school to get the student copy, nor do you need to have an email that ends with .edu. So long as you have an email account in general and supply the appropriate information for a school/educational facility that actually exists, you can get a student copy for free.

Interesting, I don’t remember having the need to fill out any information, though, likely because I have a wccnet.edu email account?

That might be why. I used a hotmail account, so I had to fill out that info. Either way though, the .edu email and actually being in school aren’t a requirement for the student copy.

Yeah… I wouldn’t trust anything with the word Wall or Worm in any way whatsoever. Ever! What with all them viral worms that break past your fire wall!!!

But on a serious note… Wall Worm will have a really import update later this week. There are a bunch of features a popular game paid for me to finish. You’ll see which when released.