3DS Max 2014: Tile texture?

Hey all, I’ve recently started with 3DS Max, and to put it short, right now I’m trying to tile a texture but I’m not sure how.

My brother got me up to speed but he wasn’t sure himself how to do what I want to, since he never needed to.


On the left you can see the planes where I want to apply a chain texture with two links on, right now the problem is the texture is spanned across the planes, but I don’t want to achieve this.

What you can do is add a poly select modifier, go to polygon sub-object mode, select the polys using the texture; while still in polygon sub-object mode add a UVW Xform modifier and adjust from there. There also other methods.

can you uv unwrap it max? if so… you gotta pull the upper or lower vertices’ uv coordinates in the uv plane’s y axis so it repeats itself. if that’s not helping you gotta subdivide the long polygon into segments that hold on piece of uv wrapped chain each.