3ds Max 2014 Triangle Help

I’ve found that it’s way easier for me to make a model in Google Sketchup, then export to .3ds and import into 3ds due to its unwieldy controls. This works all nice and well after the model is converted to poly or mesh, but then the triangles are all funked up and I’m not sure what I can do because when I import this into Second Life, it gives me a completely inaccurate collision model. I’m still learning modelling, so pardon my lack of experience in the subject. I want to learn more about 3ds Max and whatnot so I have been playing around more and more, trying to fix Sketchup’s magic that it plays with my triangles. Below is a picture of the whole thing:


Is there any modifier or any function/thing I can do to unfuckulate it? Again, sorry for my inexperience, and thank you for anything else ;_;

Modeling > Geometry > Quadrify All. This should do most of the work. Then you can apply an Edit Poly modifier and do any additional removal.

However, I don’t think triangles are a problem since when you export a mesh into a game engine it automatically turns into triangles. Check for other things like unwelded vertices.

Using the process John said, you should do a quick check on corners as well. The script tends to remove the wrong edges at times. It’s an easy fix, it’s just something to look out for.