3DS Max 2015 - SMD Importer?

I’ve recently started creating GMod models. Is there a SMD Importer for 3DS Max.
Or what program do you use to make models?

I think most of us still stick to 3ds max 2012 where Wunderboy’s tools still work. Anybody not using 2012 most likely uses wallworm tools but I’m not sure if 2015 is supported yet or not and if I recall, it doesn’t have an SMD importer.

Yeah, use 2012 if you can. Wallworm didn’t work very well for me at all - it screwed with all the bones in my models and took forever to export.

Ah, okay. Thank you very much.

Is there a download?

You should be able to obtain it the same way you obtained your copy of 2015. If you took the student version then you should be able to just sign up again for 2012 instead. Last time I checked 2012 was still on there but it’s the oldest version still available with the student trial.

Ah, got it.

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What’s the difference between 3DS Max and 3DS Max Design

Design is more of an architecture thing. It allows you to model things out on 3D instead of the traditional 2D drawing.


Yes, 3ds Max 2015 is supported in Wall Worm. The SMD import and export works fine in 2015. The importer was actually updated just today.

Well that works then. Unless you’ve already swapped to 2012, you could just download wallworm tools.

Does it actually work?

Ah that’s great. I still have 2015, I’ll test it out.

Of course it does.

It works best in Max 2014-2015. 2013 has some bugs that I do not intend on fixing. I don’t bother testing in older.

Of course, the majority of what I do is static props, which works just fine. Animated models have a varying degree of success depending model to model. As you can see in the following video, it does work.

Sometimes a model might need cleanup work and there are possibly things that can be done to improve it, but I’m just not interested in spending too much time on that at this point. As I’ve made clear for a long time, my focus is on the Max > Source workflow… not vice versa. And as for the exports into Source, they all work fine so long as you understand all the functions and controls.

sweet good work :slight_smile:

When I got too the SMD and QC Importer, the file “male_07_reference.smd” doesn’t show up.

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Ah, found out why.